Project Name

Project Name : PoE Acolyte

Companion application to the popular game Path of Exile. In-game trading has been cumbersome for years and while there are a few 3rd party tools out, many were either done in AutoHotkey or paywalled. My objective is to create a fully fledge companion application to not only assist with trading, but also many other tasks that require tabbing out of the game to perform.

This started as a simple hobby project until I began my journey to become a serious software developer. Original versions were done in both Java and .Net Framework but the publicly available version was coded with .Net Core. The project will be iterated over time and progress can be tracked in my personal blog.

Tools/Technologies Used:
C Sharp
.Net Core
Visual Studio

Project Info :

  • Client : Personal Project
  • Category : Application
  • Subject : Software Design
  • Date : 2nd October, 2021
  • Github : Source Link
  • Demo : Demo link

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