Code Platoon Central

Project Name : Code Platoon Central

My capstone group project while attending Code Platoon. A central portal for students and staff to collaborate and communicate integrating processes that used many external sources such as Slack, GitHub, Google Forms and Zoom.

This allows students to have a single place to check-in for attendance, view the day's lesson, view assigned partners, site search, provide course feedback, quick link to outside resources and view other students social media

For staff, the app provides real-time reporting for students present, assigning groups (randomized with entropy), conduct weekly retros based on student feedback, lesson refresh using GitHub and more.

Tools/Technologies Used:
Bootstrap 5

Project Info :

  • Client : Code Platoon
  • Category : Web Application
  • Subject : Software Design
  • Date : 13th May, 2022
  • Github : Source Link
  • Demo : Demo link

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